Making your home work for you.

An architect produces very detailed floor plans in order to turn an idea into a buildable home. Much collaboration is needed between the architect and client to ensure that the end result is what was envisioned. Likewise, your home’s technology systems need to be designed and documented well in advance of actual construction.

Discussing your audio/video, home automationnetworklighting, motorized shades / drapery, and security needs with smartDevice early in the home design phase results in necessary coordination between your architect, interior designer, builder, and all affected subcontractors. Early coordination also prevents unnecessary costly change orders, and the end result is a smoother construction process and greatly improved aesthetics. A vital element to proper audio video system implementation is smartDevice’s low voltage documentation. We speak the language of your design team, and that language is detailed documentation and floor plans. The initial plans specify all the build requirements that your architect, general contractor, and interior designer need to know. smartDevice’s planning documentation includes electrical requirements, HVAC requirements, device placement, equipment space planning, home theater sightlines and riser heights/dimensions, video display niche requirements, and more. Early planning ensures that there are no surprises that result in additional costs and/or a compromised end result. Proper documentation also aides service calls that may be needed down the road.

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