Making your home work for you.

Today’s advanced control systems make controlling your home easy…potentially. Selecting a well-known and respected control system manufacturer is not enough. A control system only operates intuitively if it is programmed properly. We find in more than 90% of cases when a client was unhappy with their control system it was due to poor programming of their control system. A good programmer needs much more than simply knowledge of how to program a control system, they need to make it intuitive to people that aren’t techie propeller-heads.

smartDevice has decades of experience programming the world’s most sophisticated control systems, ensuring that a smartDevice control system is a pleasure for you, your family, and even guests to operate. When programmed properly, practically no instruction is necessary. Your remote controls, touchscreens, and smart phone and tablet control apps will be as simple to use as a bank’s ATM machine.

smartDevice represents the top control system manufacturers: Crestron, RTI and AMX. To experience the simplicity of a smartDevice-programmed control system, click the Contact Us link to get in touch.

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