Reliable, specialized and fully-integrated systems



Our clients frequently desire the same level of quality, reliability, and level of service that smartDevice delivers to their homes to their places of work.  In these cases, we provide automation solutions to our clients’ board rooms, offices, restaurants, clinics, etc. When you need a commercial audio video system, you need to ensure that you are making a wise investment that will adjust to your requirements as technology and your needs change. smartDevice employs a uniquely experienced design staff with years of experience designing and implementing mission-critical audio video and control systems for very high-profile companies. Every system is meticulously documented, including the wiring and the manner in which your specific components are connected together. This significantly facilitates efficient and fast service when needed. Whether your needs include a video conferencing system in your boardroom, distributed audio and/or video throughout your building or offices, an intuitive control system, a lighting control system, IT services, digital signage, or a completely unique solution, smartDevice will create a reliable and intuitive solution for you.

For buildings applying for a LEED rating or any other “green” initiative that you are applying for, smartDevice may be able to help you attain points towards your rating by clever use of control systems & lighting system programming. To get started today, click the Contact Us link to get in touch.