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Home Theater

smartDevice’s definition of “home theater”: a dedicated room devoted to the best possible reproduction of picture and sound. Projection systems, audio systems, seating, acoustics, and room design are carefully planned and engineered to accurately reproduce what the filmmakers intended.

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Adapting state-of-the-art commercial cinema technologies and picture/sound best practices to the home environment gives smartDevice a distinct level of expertise that cannot be found at a typical company that provides home theaters. Trust your home cinema experience to the company uniquely qualified to deliver on home theater’s true potential.

A properly-designed private Home Theater will quickly become the favourite family gathering space. A home theater is a unique space; a place to be entertained and to share memorable experiences with friends and family. With immersive technologies such as 3D, UltraHD, and now DBox motion seating the experience you can have in your home will not merely rival a commercial cinema, it will exceed it…if designed and installed properly. A smartDevice home cinema system allows you to watch first-run movies in your custom home theater while in theatrical release.

Stellar sound, crystal clear picture, no texting teens, the safe environment of your home, and current Hollywood movies in your home is the ultimate entertainment experience.

A high-performance home cinema entails far more than merely selecting high-performance components. Some items smartDevice designers consider for your theater design include:

  • room construction
  • seating type and configuration
  • row height and spacing
  • acoustical treatments
  • ambient noise control
  • ambient light control
  • room light control
  • equipment & speaker placement

Only when the above items are carefully designed together do you get a true cinematic experience. Far too often we see compromised theaters that miss the mark due to ignoring one or more of these ingredients. smartDevice’s theater designers work with your architect and interior designer to create your desired aesthetic while ensuring movie and sound performance are not compromised. With the addition of new surround sound formats such as Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D, early planning and speaker placement are more important than ever.

The world’s best picture and sound quality will not mean much if it is difficult to use. smartDevice home theaters are intuitive. You only need to operate a single self-prompting remote control; it is as easy to operate as a bank ATM. Optionally, you may have your smartphone or tablet device control your theater, too.

After proper room design, component selection, and installation comes another vital step that others often ignore…calibration. smartDevice’s technicians will calibrate your video projector and sound system’s performance to Hollywood screening room standards.

A smartDevice-designed home theater will be the showcase of your home; the space you will love to escape to with your friends and family.

If you do not have a room to dedicated for a home theater, consider a Media Room instead. Click here to learn more about Media Rooms.

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